The Town of Dellona is seeking citizen participation in the revision of the Town of Dellona Comprehensive Plan adopted on June 1, 2009.

Under the current provisions of Wis Stat 16.1001(2), a comprehensive plan must include the following elements:

(a) Issues and opportunities element

(b) Housing element.

(c) Transportation element.

(d) Utilities and community facilities element.

(e) Agricultural, natural and cultural resources element

(f) Economic development element.

(g) Intergovernmental cooperation element. .

(h) Land-use element. .

(i) Implementation element.


During 2023, the Town of Dellona will be revising the Town of Dellona Comprehensive Plan. The revisions will be a combination of reviewing existing provisions and incorporating new concepts to reflect a view of desired future development in the Town of Dellona.

At its January 9th, 2023 meeting, Dellona Town board will be forming a Comprehensive Plan Revision Committee to evaluate the current plan, consider new information, and present a revised Comprehensive Plan to the Dellona Plan Commission and the Dellona Town Board. The Committee will consist of current Town officers and will include a yet to be determined number of appointed Town of Dellona residents.

Dellona residents interested in being appointed to this committee should send an indication of their interest to the Town Clerk together with a short description of their qualifications no later than Friday, January 6th, 2023 and plan to attend the January 9th meeting.

Lynn Eberl, Clerk

E8062 County Road H

Lyndon Station, WI 53944

[email protected]